ABOUT our podcast

ali & talie have a compassionate drive to want to help others. This is a platform to share lgbtq-related, real-life stories. we feel these stories are important to share with everyone, especially those who need to know they are not alone. 

We strive to ensure all guests feel safe, comfortable, and respected in a non-judgemental environment and we ask the same of our audience. to protect their privacy, guests have the opportunity to change their names and/or the names of others who may be impacted by some of the stories shared. 

If you are interested in sharing your story on our show, head over to the contact page and send us a message! We'd love to hear from you!

meet the team



Co-host and co-founder

Ali is a native texan and came out in 2003. A graduate of university of texas (arlington), she has two dogs, henry and scout. she is an introverted-extrovert and enjoys reading, podcasts, documentaries, naps, brunch, harry potter & baseball. she is best known for her dry humor and sarcasm.



co-host and co-founder


talie is a native Texan who came out in 1997, became an LGBTQ advocate at work in 2010, has a step-daughter and a Shih-Tzu, Texas A&M graduate, active volunteer, holds many leadership roles personally and professionally. She is very outgoing, stays active and is known to be a risk taker.